Here’s to Travel

Welcome to Shirley Just Writes. Sounds simple, hey, anyone who writes will tell you its more about the craft than about the art. Its also about the DISCIPLINE! If anyone out there is an expert in how to work from home, and go travelling, and go shopping, do housework and go watch TV, I can’t wait to here from you. Writing, particularly freelance writing is hard. This year its all about niches. I have now discovered mine is travel, in particular, travel on a shoe-string (or budget if you want to be posh!).   Over the coming weeks I am going to introduce you to Grandma Grey, my all time favourite fictional character. I created her last year and she has become my alter ego. She travels solo with her trusty iphone, and boy does she get around? On the discussion board too will be travel destinations, tips about travelling solo in big cities like Paris and New York, and how to get around on a budget. My first blog will tell you a little about my first trip to New York in September last year. It was love at first sight. I will also be blogging news from Paris and the Loire Valley in France. But there will be lots of of other destinations too. Check out my article on Rome

Hope to hear from you soon on the open road!



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