Hi there. Welcome to my shirleyjustwrites blog pages. Inside  you will find a diversity of posts. I love to travel and I love to write about my experiences. For many years I travelled around Europe as a pillion rider on a Kawasaki Z 1000. I learned so much about the countries we visited. And as Blanche said in A Street Car Named Desire, we were helped on our way by the kindness of strangers. Since retiring as a lecturer in history and literature I have been fortunate to be able to continue travelling and to concentrate on writing travel content. My philosophy is that the more you know about a country before you travel, the more you will enjoy the experience. This is particularly true of women travelling solo, which is becoming more and more popular these days.shirleyjustwrites will give real insights into travelling alone.

My first experience of solo travelling was to Paris. I am a regular visitor now and love being independent and able to follow wherever my curiosity takes me. Last month it was to the Promenade Plantee, an elevated garden often overlooked by tourists to the city. I live in France during the summer months so there will be no shortage of blogs on Central France, a very underrated area of the country. Next year I will visit Rome and Greece so watch out for these blogs. I also write a fictional blog called Grandma Grey. She is my alter ego and also travels solo with the aid of her mobile phone. Follow me too on Facebook and Twitter. ‘Show me a road and I’ll follow it’ is my motto, but solo is not necessarily affordable. Look at out for my shirleyjustwrites blogs. I am a poor but happy traveller and I’ll show you how to be one too if you are considering travelling solo on a budget

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