Famous Five Department Stores For the Compulsive Shopper

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    Galaries Lafayette Paris 

Galaries Layfayette

Think gold and you’ll get what it looks like in this fabulous department store located in the Opera district of Paris. With 10 floors glittering with golden lighting, it’s a stunning example of what every woman wants in a shopping experience. The whole store is canopied with the most glorious glass dome ceiling. The centre well of the store is open to all floors. Each floor circles around the central well, each department having glittering balconies in the style of an opera house. Fashion is exclusive and very expensive but you can enjoy a free weekly fashion show and rest a while in roof-top lounge which offers amazing views of Paris: all for free.

Macy’s Herald Square New York

This store is a New York icon. It is said to be the first building to have escalators. There are 11 levels and plenty of restaurants. It is arguably the largest department store in the world. If you can’t resist your compulsive shopping urges, international visitors can get a discount card giving them 11% off most purchases. Designer fashion wear can set you back a bit. But if you decide on a shopping spree you can even have your purchases shipped home. The store gets very crowded, but don’t worry you can have your bags and coat checked and you can obtain a visitor’s guide book of each department at the visitors centre. Stay for the day why don’t you?


Harrods London

A massive store occupying a five acre site, Harrods is the biggest store in Europe. There is no shortage of shopping with 330 very exclusive departments to choose from. It has 32 restaurants, a Hair Salon and Barber shop, so no excuse for not hanging around for the whole day. If you really want to push the boat out you can hire a personal assistant to help you shop: by appointment only of course! Although, it is true to say that all shop assistants in Harrods are very welcoming and friendly. If you’re looking for something a little special, did you know that Harrods now sells gold bars ‘off the shelf’ from 1g to 12.5jk? Now there’s something to think about!

Who can resist Christmas at Harrods?

Corso Como Milan

This is a fashionable courtyard cafe with shop and hotel. The fashion is high-end so beware. But it’s free to browse and it’s lovely to look at.  The staff is very helpful and you get a great feel for Italy. The roof-top garden has stunning views of Milan, the cafe is delightfully Italian. What’s extra special about this complex is the fabulous book store. Spacious, with beautifully designed glass tables, you could stay and browse through this store all

Corso Como

Dubai Mall Dubai

Whilst it isn’t strictly a department store it’s far too special to leave out. Undoubtedly the largest shopping mall in the world, it houses shops, a cinema, a leisure centre and a fabulous aquarium. The complex cost 20 billion dollars to build so it really is worth a look. If you fancy rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, here’s the place to be. On the other hand if your fancy is for candy, then Candylicious is the place to head for in this fabulous mall. This candy store is massive. A huge candy tree dripping with oversized lollipops urge people into the store, although it really takes little urging. You can smell the sweet aroma of chocolate and caramel long before you venture inside. There is no shortage of candy to choose from. The store offers 5,000 different varieties. Go the whole hog and combine your shopaholic and chocoholic tendencies and have the shopping time of your life.

Dubai Mall: You’ll never want to leave!

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