It’s Time To Get Back On The Road Again

It’s February 2022 and its been a long lonely road, as they say. Covid-19 has sent our world reeling. For me, the last two years has provided an opportunity to return, for a while, to my profession as a lecturer working online at a local university. Three vaccines later and a lot of time sittingContinue reading “It’s Time To Get Back On The Road Again”

The Next Time You See Paris: Cultural Glances around the Latin Quarter

Most people have seen Paris. Its iconic buildings and monuments appear in movies, in the news, and even in video games. When we visit, we rush around taking photos of whatever we recognise, whatever we think is iconic or famous: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge. The list is endless.Continue reading “The Next Time You See Paris: Cultural Glances around the Latin Quarter”

Grandma Grey Bla Bla’s to Benidorm

Grandma Grey at  Poniente Beach The photograph is rather good, a bit grainy, but good. The t-shirt I bought in Paris after being released from the police station looks very posh, except the baby I’m holding is hiding the lovely sequined logo.  I’m sitting at a table on the Av de la Armada Espanola, squinting atContinue reading “Grandma Grey Bla Bla’s to Benidorm”